Richdean Persians

Breeding & Showing Persian Cats in Perth, Western Australia..

About Us

Welcome to Richdean Persians,
My name is Deanne and together with my family (consisting of my partner Richard and 5 children)
we are the heart and soul of Richdean Persians.
We have always been lovers of pets,  in particular the Persian Cat Breed which began with our first Pet Quality Himalayan Tortie Persian "Gizmo" back in 1994.
After dedicating my time to bringing up our young family, when the kids were older we decided to get another Pet Persian which bought Yoda into our lives. Having him here only fuelled my passion for these beautiful cats even more and so after much thought and discussion we decided to enter the cat fancy and not only add to our Persian Clan but also show and breed these beautiful cats.
We have bred Bulldogs, Chihuahuas and Mini Lop rabbits in the past and successfully specialised in breeding for the chocolate colours (my favourite) so it was only natural that with years of experience behind us in breeding for those colours that we would bring it across into our new venture with the Persians.

Here at Richdean "our aim" is to breed Big Boned, Heavy Set Persians that are still low set and Cobby with beautiful big eyes, small ears and noses that have healthy type nostrils.
We took alot of time to research and source the look and type of the Persians we were after and have imported special lines that will provide us the gene pool to create that type of "Persian Perfection" we're after.
Our cats and kittens are very sociable and loving, the kittens are raised underfoot so they adapt very easy to their new homes. We pride ourselves in their outstanding personalities. All of our breeding cats are first and foremost treasured members of our family.
We really love this hobby and have always been up for a challenge.