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Breeding & Showing Persian Cats in Perth, Western Australia..


Products we use and recommend,.. i'm constantly asked what brushes, combs, vitamins and food we use, so i've created this page for our kitten buyers and fellow cat breeders etc :)

This is the raw meat we feed our kittens and adults... Human grade Chicken, Turkey and Beef (purchased from Woolworths) is offered twice a day, morning and night.
If feeding RAW it is essential that calcium is added at least twice a week.

Our Kittens are introduced to this at approx 4-5 weeks of age.

They have access to these Royal Canin Babycat  biccies 24/7.
Sometimes we have kittens that for whatever reason just don't like the Royal Canin Babycat or if it doesn't agree with their tummies then our next choice is the Nutro Natural Choice biccies.
For Adult Persians we use and recommend the Royal Canin Persian Dry Food.
This can also be mixed with Royal Canin's Hair & Skin Care biccies which is what we do :)
NOTE: We do not recommend feeding only dry food to cats, it is unhealthy and not good for them !
Dry food is only given as an "in between" food as cats are grazers and can nibble on dry food throughout the day and night. ..A raw balanced diet morning and night is far more important. 
If feeding a raw diet, it is advisable to sprinkle calcium powder onto  meat once or twice a week.
We use and recommend Balanced Cal as it also has the correct dosage of Vit D to help with absorption of Calcium.
If you would like to give your cat some milk, then the best stuff to give them is Goats Milk. It is lactose free and won't upset their tummies. (Available from Woolworths).
We also recommend giving Natural Yoghurt (Full Fat Stuff not skim stuff).
It's a good idea to get the Goats milk stuff (as Pictured) but even the Natural Pot set stuff by Jalna or Plain Greek Yoghurt is fine.
Along with a Raw Diet we do offer our weaning kittens and pregnant cats the Royal Canin Babycat Instinctive.. They are easy on their tummy's and well liked.
These are given with the raw meat (not mixed in) but can be mixed in for fussy eaters.
We do not advise only giving the tinned or commercial cat food as they are high in water content, have grains and cereals added and are generally not a nutritionally balanced diet.
For worming cats we use and recommend the Milbemax brand, we purchase ours from EBay but is also available from City Farmers. It is great they are the smallest tablets therefore easy to pop down their throats and cover the main varieties of worms cats and kittens can get.
Here is the correct dosage for the Milbemax worming ... please remember not to flea and treat worms at the same time as you are dosing your cats body with poisons and toxins which are dangerous to your cats immune system.
For those Persians that get water on their face and chest area, we use and recommend the Pyrex bowls available from Woolworths. Just cut a hole in the top and wah lah all done.
These are made out of glass with plastic lids. The glass bowls won't scratch or harbor bacteria and the plastic is gentle. These are safer than using glass jars that can easily be tipped over or even broken!
For cleaning your Persians eye area we use and recommend the re-nu contact lens solution. It is safe and gentle on the eyes and has boric acid added to prevent bacteria causing stains. 
For face staining on your persians face we use the Eye Envy liquid and powder.
Firstly the liquid is applied using a makeup wipe to cleanse the eye area making sure a different wipe is used for each eye to prevent cross infection. Next dry the area thoroughly with tissue/toilet paper and apply the powder with a makeup brush to the area around the eye only.
Grooming essentials - from left to right - stripper brush with soft ends, greyhound comb and a pin brush.
The stripper brush is good for areas like the tummy, chest and behind the ears.
The Greyhound comb is for all over use to find knots and de-tangle hair and remove dead hair.
The Pin comb is to finish off a groom and brush through the coat thoroughly.
Our kittens and cats are used to the Oz Pet Litter range. It's natural, next to no tracking and bio degradable.
Should your kitty develop a sticky or gunky eye this product is available over the counter from the chemist, easy to use and is quick to work. Just follow the instructions on the back.
As far as flea treatments go we think the Advantage spot on stuff is the way to go.
Whilst it's a monthly treatment If possible try to use every 2-3 months or so and wash kitty inbetween  to treat fleas instead. Otherwise each time you use it your adding toxins and poisons to your cats body and depleting your cats immune system.
If your cat is an inside only cat it really shouldn't get fleas anyway.
When washing your kitten/cat it's safe to use the Johnsons baby shampoo of the face area, i prefer to put some of a wet cloth and work around the face of the cat, carefully cleaning all creases etc.
Available from most supermarkets in the baby section.
When it comes to washing your cats body, these Chubbs Bars are the best.
They are natural so gentle on your cats delicate skin and coat, they are a degreaser and come in many gorgeous fragrances and even special coloured ones for whites and black coats.
Available in Australia from Clipper world and other distributors including from us :)
This is above all our favorite all purpose shampoo for our Persian kittens and cats. 
As it has the Colloidal Silver and Oatmeal it is extremely gentle on their delicate skin and nourishes and protects their skin and coat.
I prefer to wash first with the Chubbs bar then finish with this Dermaveen as a regular maintenance wash.

This is the type of pet hair blower/dryer we use, 2800 W is small and compact.
It has variable air flow and temperature control along with low noise.
Available off EBay.